Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Denver, Colorado


Fine Carpet & Fabric Care is sure to complete your carpet and rug cleaning with great care. In office or home setting, out detailed cleaning services provide the most professional reults possible.

Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection

Before starting the cleaning process, the carpet is thoroughly inspected.


2. Pre-Conditioning of Traffic Areas

Specially formulated preconditioning agents, that work much the same as a laundry presoak, are applied

to traffic areas to lubricate and break down soil and oils.


3. Spot Removal

Special cleaning solutions are applied to stubborn spots and assist in their removal when possible,

during the regular cleaning process.

4. Moving Furniture

We will move furniture during cleaning. Some items, such as pianos and china cabinets, cannot be moved. Your furniture will be protected from

residual moisture by blocks and tabs.


5. Heavy Duty Extraction Process

Truck-mounted cleaning equipment will be used to assure both maximum soil removal and minimum drying time.


6. Post-Inspection

Before leaving your home, the carpet is thoroughly inspected to ensure your satisfaction. Any remaining stubborn spots will be treated again.


7. Carpet Grooming

A professional brush or comb will be used to assist in restoring the carpet pile. This also assists in drying and gives carpet a groomed, finished look.




We begin with a special machine that vibrates dirt out of your rug to remove as much dry soil as mch dry soil as possible before the cleaning process even begins. Through a full submersion cleaning process, rugs, are cleaned deeply and throroughly